To Be Paid, Or Not To Be Paid, That Is The Question

Krista Marson
3 min readFeb 9, 2023

I’ve utimately decided to unmeter my stories

Words, courtesy of Victor Hugo. photo by author

I just finished doing my 2022 taxes. I made a whopping $25 in Medium last year. I was a paid Medium subscriber for much of that time, so I doled out more than I made. Thus, I essentially paid myself to be a writer on this platform, and the wages weren’t very good.

Fast forward to today, and 2023 is looking to be more of the same. I’m nowhere on track to make enough money here to bankroll the remodeling of my kitchen, and it’s not even something I’m realistically reaching for. I know some people here do make that kind of cash, but I believe I missed getting on that Medium boat when it initially sailed.

The feeling of being on a roller coaster is familiar to a lot of writers. photo by author.

I know that not everyone who jumps on this platform is a paid Medium subscriber. I’m currently not one either. I go back and forth with it. Sometimes I pay, sometimes I don’t. It all depends on how much downtime I have in any given month. Currently, I don’t have a lot of free time to spare. Yet, I still like to read Medium articles on occasion. Mostly, though, I end up getting blocked from reading full articles and end up reading the comments section. I do enjoy reading comments, for that’s where real conversations occur, and they act like articles of their own. I enjoy that. I’m an avid reader, and I’ll read just about anything. I’m also notoriously cheap. I’ll read anything that’s free. Which brings me to my next topic…

loop de loop. photo by author.

I’ve decided to forgo my $25 yearly earnings and make all my Medium articles free to anyone who wants to read them. Nothing I write will be stuck behind Medium’s paywall anymore. I love writing, and Medium is full of people who love reading. I want readers more than I need a few dollars. Feel free to click on any of my stories and read away a few minutes of your day. I just combed through all my articles to officially unmeter them, and I want to suggest a few of my favorites:

An Ode to the 1978 Oldsmobile Starfire Firenza That I Used to Own | by Krista Marson | Grab a Slice | Medium

“That car had a lot of little things wrong with it.”

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“In Madrid, one can find God, or one could lose God. One can lose God by looking at a Picasso.”

Reality Check. The desert is dying. | by Krista Marson | Grab a Slice | Medium

“Everywhere I look, the saguaros are dying.”

Getting dizzy yet? photo by author

Thinking About Thoreau. Wishing that life could be more simple | by Krista Marson | Grab a Slice | Medium

“Thoreau really tried to create a new world order when he wrote Walden.”

A Tale of Two Colors. Van Gogh and Ukraine | by Krista Marson | Grab a Slice | Medium

“I can’t help but to see the parallel between Ukraine’s flag and Van Gogh’s final painting.”

Americans Are Pissed. A long list of grievances | by Krista Marson | Grab a Slice | Medium

“I want to be positive, but I can’t help to feel negative about America’s future.”