Protest burning of the national flag of the United States (wikimedia commons)

America Needs New Choices

Krista Marson
2 min readDec 7, 2023


Who here isn’t dreading the 2024 election?

I’ve never not wanted to vote in elections before. Yet, I’m already feeling that I don’t want to participate in the upcoming election. I’ve reached the point of disillusionment where I don’t think anything matters. I’ve been fooled long enough, and I can finally see through the bullshit. America is run by a bunch of assholes and liars, and I despise them all.

I’ve come to realize that having a Democrat for president proved meaningless. Roe got overturned on the Democrat’s watch, and they’ve done nothing to try to turn it back. The party is weak and succumbs to the Republican’s blows. Obama did nothing to push Merrick Garland onto the Supreme Court, and they did nothing to block Amy Coney Barrett’s speedy appointment. The Republicans don’t play fair, and the Democrats aren’t even playing.

I don’t want a president who supplies arms for war. The fact that the Biden administration is arming Israel with an endless supply of weapons is disgusting. Also gross is the bottomless supply of money to prop up Ukraine’s war with Russia. At what point do we call a spade a spade? Are we at war, or aren’t we? If we’re fighting with Russia and Palestine, then why don’t we say it? Oh, is it because we’re not? Then why are my taxpayer dollars paying for wars we’re not in? It’s a slippery slope we’re riding on, and we’re not being careful. If we think we’re not at war now, wait until things get ugly. Also, what do we have against Palestine anyway? Nothing, you say? Then STOP ARMING ISRAEL. It’s fucking genocide over there, and we’re 100% complicit. I don’t want to vote for a Democrat if this is what we get. I also don’t want to vote for a Republican because I despise their entire platform. So, what other choices do I have? None.

The two-party system gamed itself into checkmate, and many Americans are the losers.