Back when I still had hope.

photo by mayer tawfik,

I have always been an avid traveler, but I haven’t really gone anywhere since the pandemic began. Instead, I have been hanging out at home and reading my many travel journals. I usually tended to travel alone, so I got in the habit of bringing along a journal to keep…

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I have always loved poetry. I am passionate about history, art, travel, nature, and music. I put together a little poetry collection which is currently free to download on Amazon for the next several days (until Nov 20). …

space, death, eternity.

zen, photo by kmarson


I lived my whole life
to get to this ledge,
this precipice
that I am ready to spring forth,
carry on,
leave all else behind me.
There is no sound here
no sights,
no smells.
It is nothing, the nowhere
The Big Empty. …

a philosophical musing.

photo by victor carvalho, unsplash

I don’t ever want to lose the AWE of life. Once the sense of wonder fades, the soul disappears. Once the twinkle of interest evaporates, the breath of life goes dry. Once the attraction of beauty disintegrates, the meaning of life no longer exists.

A Photographic Journey

Phoenix, Arizona is one of America’s fastest-growing cities. In fact, data released by the census bureau declared Phoenix as the fastest growing city in the United States between 2010 and 2020. During that time, Phoenix added 163,000 more residents, which translates to an 11.2% growth. Naturally, all this growth means…

Or, does art have to mean anything?

photo by niv singer on unsplash

What does art mean? Does art defy meaning? Does art exist because humans say it does or does art exist in spite of ourselves?

All the world is art. Everything from a speck of dust to a statue made by Michelangelo can realistically be termed as “art.” If art can…

Krista Marson

An avid traveler who has been grounded by the pandemic. Author of Memory Road Trip:

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